Dunst Consulting's test practice offers comprehensive and stand-alone verification and validation capabilities specific to applications build for Web, Mobile and Devices. We have deep expertise in test methodologies, best practices, and emerging tools and frameworks to deliver value across the entire application development and delivery cycle.

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What we do

Using 3rd party tools we analyze and monitor the application in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments across the application development lifecycle. The primary emphasis is to improve on quality by pinpointing constraints and shortfalls of the pre-production and production versions of the application. Our services include diagnosis, isolation and proposing resolutions.

Specifically tailored to a product or a project, we typically engage with customers around their Test strategy, design, functional automation, load/performance test automation needs. Our approach varies depending on the fundamental difference between " have you built the product right''- does the software meet the specified requirements for that phase v/s "have you built the right product"- does it satisfy specified business requirements.

We have proven chops in delivering Test effectiveness enhancement ( potency assessment and improvement) and Test optimization (immunity analysis to optimize). Our teams can provide end to end assessment using proprietary methodologies to generate truly transformational results. These services are either prepackaged work bundles or custom designed to enhance the QA practices within the testing teams of our customers.

How we do it


Broad spectrum of expertise.
In house methodologies that generate positive ROI and improve test results.
Repository of reusable test cases that are specific to industry domains.
High degree of automation using the latest tools and frameworks.
On line 24/7 visibility into test configurations and progress of projects.
Actionable intelligence and recommendations to improve quality of builds.