Platform engineering

Dunst consulting has 2 decades of combined Product Engineering expertise in software platforms.Under this practice we work as extended engineering teams with software platform providers to ideate and create entire products or modules that constitute the product/solution. Our uniqueness is the integrated engineering approach of this group. Each of the developers in this group are multifaceted full stack experts in Mobile/Web technologies. Irrespective of the status of your development plans in your product engineering roadmap you would find us a willing partner who can help with architecture, design and development.

Our portfolio

What we do

Our platform Engineering teams are specialists in rapid product development with a 360 view of the needs of engineering a platform or solution. We are specialists across the technology stack and can whiteboard technical solutions and deep dive into specific technology issues. Often times our projects start with Platform engineering and then get taken over by the Application development teams.. Our expertise spans areas of -



Define and develop scalable architecture for Web/Mobile applications and products.Provide comparative decision making parameters for tradeoffs to arrive at the optimum architecture keeping the future roadmap and business considerations in mind..

API Management


Planning to go mobile or converting your data into a global service? We can help architect and deploy highly optimized APIs for your product.



Design , Analysis and Performance tuning of large structured and unstructured databases . We have expertise in transforming large Data environments into valuable insights. Our services include Architecture Definition, Migration, Maintenance, Recommendation Engines, Behavior Engines and Custom analytics Wearable devices.

SDK development


Expertise in SDK development for Android UI customization, Gaming, Gesture controlled systems, IoT applications, Multimedia players and more. We can deliver such solutions as licensable reusable code or custom solutions.

Internet of Things


Our IOT services include building custom applications and integration with a variety of devices or platforms . We are currently in the process of establishing a dedicated IoT Lab that will house Hardware (sensors, devices) , Software ( Mobility extensions) and Infrastructure ( connectivity/ security/ hosting).

Wearable devices


Expertise in building custom applications optimized for low power, consumer wearable devices. Our past experience includes creating form factor optimized Smart Watches and Sensor integration with Gateways for PANs.

How we do it


Collaborative engineering with distributed teams
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition
Architecture definition
Technology tradeoffs and selection
Ownership of product implementation roadmap or parts thereof
Development methodology selection and implementation