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Android Wear Projects | Packt Publishing

Wrist watches for human beings have become an augmented helping tool for checking time and date. Technology has taken this wearing watch experience to next level. Decades of advancement in microprocessors and wireless technology lead to introduce a concept called..

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Firebase Summit Bangalore | For Wearable Apps

Dunst developer was invited to the Firebase Summit in Bangalore to speak about Firebase technologies can help smartwatch applications ranging from the field of medicine to the travel industry. Some of the topics he covered was real time database and firebase functions and how real time database can be..

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Dunst signs agreement with CloudFabrix

Dunst enters into Application Modernization services in association with San Francisco Bay area based CloudFabrix. Our Microservices modernization platform –Macaw is a container-ready suite of environment and tools required to build,..

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5 Android App Development Trends for 2017

Trends in Android app development seem unlimited with developers constantly creating modifications to ease and excite users.

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How to Choose the Right Host for Your Website

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals or an organization to post a website or webpage on to the internet. It helps to make their website accessible via World Wide Web. A web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies..

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The different types of Malware Analysis
What is a Malware?

A Malware is an executable with an malicious functionality. Malware is generally any code that performs malicious activity, i.e, any software that does something that causes harm can be considered malware.Malware can be further classified into various types like..

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JointJS and its wonders!

JointJS is a diagramming library with which you can create fully interactive diagramming tools for all modern browsers. It is easy to plug JointJS to your backend application as it is not limited to a diagramming library only, it supports MVC architecture with which it separates graph, element and link models from their rendering. JointJS is based..

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Digital Marketing can help your business thrive!

Advertising can be tough and competition is cut-throat. It’s even harder to attract new customers than ever before. Today, you cannot grow your business without marketing.

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What are the crucial elements for creating memorable user experiences?

Website usability is one of the important elements that into designing a Website. Innovation and effort are involved in creating and customizing a site.

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5 Web Development Trends to rule 2017!

New technologies and changes are taking place in the field of web development. Here are 5 web development trends that are taking 2017 by storm —

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Building a Brand that matters!

The most important paradigm shift is recognizing the opportunity to move away from just creating something that someone can buy, to building a brand that empowers people to be something.

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5 Mobile App Development Trends to watch out for in 2017

In the constantly changing landscape of apps and the evolving technologies, here are 5 mobile app development trends that are on the rise:

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5 Web Design Trends to rule 2017

We have just descended into February, and there are trends that are making new appearances while some are making a comeback in 2017. Get to know what trends will take 2017 by storm in the world of design. These predictions will be a key to design, so following these will both delight designers and clients too!

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Choosing the right colours for your brand!

When you think of brands like Coca Cola, Cadbury or Nickelodeon, don’t you immediately picture bright red, rich violet and a zingy orange?

Only a small percentage of brands can actually achieve this kind of...

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Using Facebook to Build a Brand

There are 1.79 billion active users on Facebook, making it the world's largest active community. At Dunst, we have been working with clients to build an active social media campaign for them. Facebook is a critical component for all our digital marketing strategies.

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UX, The Foundation for a great product.

3.5 billion people across the world are using web and mobile applications and consumers are used to having products or services delivered at their door step thanks to the internet. Creating a positive experience for a customer is of paramount importance for many businesses.

5 January 2017 Read More


Brands and their Tech

It has been an iconic decade for the oldest and largest democracies, both in India and America. The recent election campaigns in these countries have moved the emphasis back on the word ‘Branding.’ Donald Trump and Narendra Modi demonstrated the value of having a good Branding and marketing strategy during each of their campaigns.

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Into 2017, with a Software Services company

Businesses have realized the importance of Branding and User Oriented Design. Web and Mobile has become an important touch point for all business. Consumers are getting used to having everything on tap and a click. Businesses are becoming more and more hyper local..

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UX Practice Recognition

Dunst Consulting has been shortlisted by CIO review September issue as 20 most promising UX design firms from India. We are very happy to come through the evaluation process and to have had the opportunity to showcase our design reel to CIO review.

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Dunst expands its operations in India

Dunst Technologies Pvt Ltd. expanded its operations in India by moving into a new 2600Sft facility. We are looking at doubling our team size this year and nvesting in new and emerging application development scenarios.

1 August 2016


Push notifications

Engaging with your application users at the right time with the right content across different Android devices is absolutely essential. Push notifications allow the app publisher to deliver messages to the user’s home screen or while they are using a different app and thereby prompting an instant reaction from the user..

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Cloud Services

Dunst has been featured as 20 most promising Cloud service providers 2016 by Silicon India.

After careful evaluation of our portfolio of projects and Cloud roadmaps Silicon India has chosent to recognise Dunst Consultings cloud services as amongst the 20 most promising services..

1 June 2016