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Containerization/ Microservices / Cloud Native /
DevOps and CI/CD

Legacy systems continue to be business critical due to support for unique business processes and containing invaluable knowledge and historical data but need a path towards Digital transformation.

20 legacy apps transformed to 65 Microservices
Average App response times less than 200 ms
App Availability increased by 90%
Feature velocity increased by 300%
Security incidents reduced by 75%
L1 incidents reduced by 80%
Customer satisfaction grew by 60% in 6 months

Full App Stack Topology and Dependency

Application governance

Multi App behavior Comparison and Analysis

Our Approach

Project involved 4 phases. In Phase-1, we performed app rationalization by discovering customer’s app, the underlying stack through our Application Discovery service that provided us deep application intelligence, including tiering models, interconnectivity and the app dependency mapping. We then used our App Modernization Assessment service to identify and provide recommendations for transforming the app. In Phase-2, using our App Containerization service, apps were containerized and run as a mix of Baremetal and Virtualized workloads, and were to put use for a small segment of end-users through canary release process. In Phase-3, apps were re-architected and re-designed using our Microservices practice that provides many essential out of the box application services to provide turnkey notion and accelerate time to value. In Phase-4, new Microservices were also fully operated, monitored and governed on the customer’s chosen public cloud platform, to provide hybrid governance capability. To tie it all, app services were integrated with CI/CD pipeline and finetuned to operate in the DevOps model to provide rapid delivery of application services.

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