Creative design

Our design studio specilazes in creating and publishing compelling, flowing designs for Web and Mobile applications. Our team comprises of award winning, certified designers and developers. We are one of a kind fully integrated digital design studio with specialized expertise in Branding, UX Analysis, Interaction design and Visual design.

Our services include device and platform agnostic Interaction and Interface Design delivered as a combination of - Retainer based Consulting, TnM or Turnkey projects all the way to development and integration. In all our engagements our customers always get the additional value of a fully integrated development house and proven in house capabilities in Product Engineering. Our teams collaborate between our San Francisco and Bangalore offices to deliver the most latest and trending design styles. Based on the specifics of the project we assemble teams that works best for those requirements. If you too believe that the purpose of design is how things should work and not just how it should look like then our services would be ideal match for your needs.

Our portfolio

What we do

Our User experience specialists are focused on -'How does it make you feel'. The team gets its kicks out of back ground research, keeping pace with cultural angles and generally operating at the emotionally connected plane of consumer behaviour and user experiance. In our studio and out of it, you'll find them pedalling the bicycles of their minds.

Deliverables- Design Thinking | User Research | Expert Analysis | Usability Audits& Re-engineering | Storyboards | MindMaps | Sitemaps | Wireframes | Usability Testing

Tools of the trade- Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision

Our Ix Designers are the "go to" people behind the magic of interaction. They help figure out the subtleties of how one interacts with the application or product. The finer nuances and micro-interactions between a human and an interface are a dark art they specialise in.

Deliverables- Design thinking | Creative design Analysis and feedback | Interaction patterns and libraries | Hi fidelity interactive wireframes | Simulation mock ups

Tools of the trade- AfterEffects, Core Composer, Flash, Origami

Our visual designers are obsessed with the beauty of icons, placements, details of controls, and visual elements, using typography that best captures what the application or product needs. This team sweats the small stuff that finally make the designs pop. In our studio you'll find them lost in the layers of beautifully crafted designs in Photoshop.

Deliverables- Design thinking | User Interface | Fonts and style guides | Information Architecture | Wire framing | Prototypes | Comps

Tools of the trade- Photoshop, Sketch

Our branding teams help create a viable digital strategy that integrates into the larger brand and business strategy of our customers. We look at your brand as the prime driver of your business then we pull together all the relevant design and communication elements to activate that drive.

Deliverables- Branding strategy | Identity Design | Logo design | Copy | Creatives | Social Media | Advertising campaign

Tools of the trade- Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Content Marketing, Social Networks, Retargeting

How we do it

We have a simple yet effective process that demystifies the nuances of the creative design process. Based on the needs of the project we typically recommend one of the 4 below mentioned entry points.

UX Engineering
Visual Design
UI Development

Business, domain level analysis/ User research/ Requirement Analysis/ Requirement Documentation/ Functional Specification/ User Profiling.
Use cases, Workflow level analysis/ Heuristic evaluation/ Usability Audit/ Usability(Re)engineering Information Architecture/ Interaction Design/ Wireframes / Reframing / Prototyping.
Screen level analysis/ Communication/ Visual/ Graphic/ GUI Design/ Iconography.
HTML / CSS/ JS/ JQuery