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Why Dunst


We have a high octane agency culture - which for us is a combination of our Vision (our ikigai- the purpose or reason for our being), Values (the way our vision is supported in actions of our own people) and Actions (the way we conduct day to day business amongst employees, clients and partners).

So what does all this mean on the ground?

Collaborative engagements
Emphasis on over delivering
Striving for simplicity, completeness and improvement
Never settling for mediocrity
Having a life outside work

Open positions

Digital Branding and Strategy

Do you have a keen eye for creating brand experiences with web and Mobile footprints? Our digital strategists are responsible for building and delivering digital campaigns for our clients. Team members will get to work on aspects of Form and Content strategy, design, creation and Digital marketing. If you have worked in a digital design agency before and have a grounding in design, advertising and branding we would like to understand your evolution towards Digital.

Interaction Designers/ UX Designers

We are peeling the onion in our UX Design projects. Our engagements have ranged from short term UX interventions to UX Analysis and re-Design projects. We are sought out for our expertise in this field. We assume that you can come up with kick-ass wireframes but we want to see the depth of the micro interactions you have/ can come up with. Furthermore, we are interested in your ability to create and build testing scenarios that will drive usability for applications.


So you think you are a rock star in the making? We will ensure that you get to shine to your fullest ability in our team. Apply if you have the chops to hold your own in any of the following:

- Angular JS, Node JS, BackboneJS/ JQuery
- Android/ iOS/ Windows
- HTML 5/ SASS / CSS Python - C#, C++, XAML / Xamarin / Windows 10
- VR gameplay frameworks, real time engines, infrastructure, tools, and processes,
- Domain Experts in love with AR- VR/ Entertainment / IOT/ Wearables

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Global Locations

We are co-located in the sister cities of San Francisco and Bengaluru and well positioned to leverage the best of our two sites. We are proudly local in our approach to projects and also have the ability to seamlessly collaborate between our two sites if needed.

Set up a free consultation over coffee any day or just drop by on Fridays! We'd love to hear from you.

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