Application development

We believe in the ubiquity of applications and that the next wave of Mobile and Web will be about creating a unified experience across all 4 screens i.e the Laptop, Tablet, Mobile and TV. We have successfully developed and signed off on over 200 custom Mobile and Web projects. Our expertise cuts across a broad array of platforms, tools and technologies. Our marquee customer roster and client high retention rate are a testimony of the value we have delivered to our end customers.

Our portfolio

What we do

Our Application development teams are ideal partners for clients who have a clear functional definition of their product features and who are looking for a development partner to accelerate their implementation plans. Alternately our Applications teams work with our Platform engineering teams in defining and developing the functional definition.
Our expertise spans areas of-

Android- Phones and Tablets


We have built a range of custom Mobile apps and Launchers of various complexities tailored per specific business/ device requirements. We can help leverage the power of Androids openness and flexibility to make your apps appeal to the most widely used Mobile platform.

iOS- iphones and ipads


Applications with stunning design and engaging interfaces optimized for Apple devices.



Experts on Windows Phone, 8 and 10 platforms with direct experience of having worked with Microsoft.



Leverage C# codebase to build native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms.



For those seeking to create prototypes we provide an attractive start up option using hybrid SDKs like IBM Mobile First , Phone Gap or Telerik using HTML5 and Java Script and dedicated cloud backend.

Custom development


From Ideation, Concept development, MVP or Fully functional products we build, deploy and maintain applications using our breadth of technical expertise and best practices. Our capabilities are ideal to create, maintain or integrate Line Of Business (LOB) custom applications tailored to spec and to meet your unique business needs. We develop in Ruby on Rrails, PhP,, Node.JS, HTML5, structured and unstructured Databases, AWS and Windows Azure and layer the development with a full suite of Technology consulting and Architecture engineering.

UI development


Our Front End Developers will Integrate the latest design trends into designs provided to them creating pixel perfect functional implementations of working, interactive experiences of the Application or product. We are adept at HTML5, CSS, Angular JS and other popular frameworks.

Dev Ops


Collaborative involvement in the analysis, design, development, and QA functions of geographically software engineering distributed teams .



We can help free up your bandwidth for creating powerful applications by taking the pain out of establishing and maintaining cloud architecture and infrastructure. Whether you are scaling up and down as per usage, optimizing costs or leveraging specialized services for mobiles like APIs, Push notifications, analytics, CDN, media services or authentication, we have the expertise to ensure that all of these components are combined into your existing infrastructure or can function independently.



For enterprises seeking to migrate from one cloud architecture to another, we analyze and re-architect to make the system as local to the cloud as possible.

Hosting and Deployment


As an added value to our application development services we provide extended hosting and deployment services. Our value is being a one stop shop with the ability to rapidly deploy, optimize cost and provide scaling services with minimal internal intervention from our clients.

How we do it


Technology selection
Feature development and optimization
Architecture implementation
Rapid prototyping and deployment
Co- development ( Paired , Scrum, Agile. Etc..)