Talent Recruit


Talent Recruit

Design Brief

Visual identity, UX Design and development

Our client was embarking on cloud enabling their legacy system and needed a UX/UI  uplift along the way. Dunst was involved in redefining and redesigning the entire application within 5 months.

Our Approach

Talent Recruit is a leading provider of Cloud based ATS solutions. Dunst was approached to redefine the UX of this application. After the initial heuristic review Dunst presented a summary of the problem areas that needed attention. We participated in external stake holder interviews to identify customer pain points. Following this a detailed usability review was undertaken and the application was broken down into sub modules. common patterns were identified, containers created and a unified Information architecture was defined over a 3 month period. We followed this up with optimization of UX at a screen by screen level and then went on to UI development.

Dunst is still engaged with Talent Recruit on a range of activities including consulting for Product management, Cloud migration consulting and a range of development activities.